Embraces shatter leaving timeless stories

Wrapped in butterfly nets, tied with velvet ribbons.

Tangled cob webs and ghost blankets.

Restless feelings and Kodak moments.


Wasting into forever

Alone, rotting in the pantry.

Forgotten happiness, buried by sorrows

Telling tomorrow, yesterday’s lies.


A hollow soul searching for absent pieces

Going nowhere, tires spinning in mud.

Falling from grace

Finding no one to catch you.


Reaching out, clutching entirely on air.

Clouds of fog slide between fingers

Walking through mist, traveling over quicksand

Trying to find light during a Midnight Sun.


A solitary fragment in a sea of glass.

Hearing the sound of silence for the first time.

The empty feeling unarrival brings,

Knowing abandonment.


©Author: Jules B🥀 6/16/2018



I can’t.
I don’t know how
I’m afraid you won’t like the taste
I am no longer your heart.

Now I am your angry voice
Now I am everything you hate
I am your attachments
I am your memories.

A whisper in your ear
A forgotten dream
I am your resentments
Now I am your bad day.

I’m everything you tasted twice
I am everything you forgot about once
I am tired of licking old wounds
I’m tired of remembering the details.

I’ve become old habits
Now I’m just a roach in the ashtray
I am the leftovers warmed to many times 
I am the unwanted.

©️Author: Jules B🥀 2018


I wonder…
Are we all just digging graves
At the bottom of a well?
It’s cold out
No one seems to care.

As if we’ve been frozen
Broken into pieces
Fractured by time long ago
It’s no wonder we can’t find our soul.

Nothing feels right
Like being used, unwanted, restless
Even our voices sound silent,
Or no one told us we haven’t spoken.

All things remain empty
Except hollow pits beneath our eyes.
Tears fell once
I’m unsure why we don’t cry.

Our hearts break everyday 
Sadness is all we know 
We’ve been here for awhile now,
In the Valley Down Below.

©️Author: Jules B🥀 2018


I think I’ll sit and wait for it to rain.
I doubt much will come of it.
A few dark clouds, some thunder maybe?
A lake cares little, about a few drops.
The gods care little for the insignificant.
Yet we foolishly think lives matter.
Who needs water, when clouds cry?
An hollow vessel?
A desert mirage?
A soul is empty when the spirit dies.
Homeless creatures seek solace, inside a carvern of wants.
Grasping onto nothing makes loosing seems easy.
Dried blood, on bended knee.
Falling down only breaks bones.
Strength is what defines the weak.
Why get up, if crawling works just fine?
To search for hope?
A desire to stand on feet?
To break the heart, one must break the mind.
Foolishly forgetting locks have keys.
Trampeling through doorways, we stumble over needs.
Always searching for tomorrow, incandescent dreams.
Slowly wasting time, chasing Idiolic things.
Captured inside a web, spun from disbelief.
Why leave the cage, when abilities are extinct?
Any chance for survival?
A need to be complete?
When reality shatters, it melts like broken glass.
Incessant memories form illusions, casting today into the past.
While seeing false perceptions, time drips into the cracks.
Endlessly going nowhere, strapping burdens on our back.
Like sand looped in an hourglass, always feeling trapped.
A mermaid washed on shore, wrapped in fishing nets.
Why chase shadows, knowing only you are left?
Looking forward to tomorrow?
Leaving no regrets?
©Author: Jules B.🥀 4/26/2018



Maybe one day I will regret this.
I might think, what a fool,
To trip over hearts, letting mine break.
What a stupid thing to do.
I might wish on a star
My tears won’t fall
So carelessly on deaf ears.
Only to find, I’ve been so blind
Feeling alone all these years.

With careless words we throw daggers.
Hitting targets, fresh marks, old scars.
Like a loop that won’t forget,
We play time like a fiddle.
No rhyme, nor reason.
Mudslinging can be fun…
Till the grit settles and you’ve torn your soul
That’s when kindness comes
To sooth the wreckage.

©️Author: Jules B.🥀 3/18



I thought of a thousand words,
None came out.
Like burnt rubber,
Dry as charred toast
I chocked on letters,
As if nails lined my throat.

I swallowed my brokenness.
My neck bent, heavy from the crown.
I would walk away with nothing,
My loses came with the bet.
Decisions filled with consequences.
Angel wings dipped in tar.

A land filled with no mercy
Only the Strong survive.
Borrowing time, on make believe promises
Digging shallow graves,
Full off tear stained loved
Vultures stay circling low.

Once there was love
Now a hollow soul.
Dust settles over all things
Letting wounds heal.
The only thing now is letting go…
So I cling tightly, while I cry myself to sleep.


©Author: Jules B🥀 3/2018



Right then it shattered.

Like splintered glass

Veins cracked open.

Heartache leaked out.


Nothing is right,

In those moments of sadness.

Earthquakes are startling

All stability is questioned.


Running seemed like an option.

Pain stealing Time from Distress.

Seeing no way out,

Drowning entirely on air.


Gasping did not help

Tears would not stop the ache.

Torture became me,

Like a blushing bride, I wept.


For the sorrows,

Years of rips between us.

Piles of blanketed fears

Always sweeping under rugs.


Time is all you have, they say.

Always underestimating quicksand.

Treasure chest locked up tight.

Rapids of distress wrecking havoc.


A ship wrecked, plundered,

Splayed upon a casket shore.

It’s guts laid out for all to see,

Longing to be buried.


©Author: Jules B.🥀 2/2018


It’s Paper,
It’s Plastic,
This world…
Money is it’s Master.

It will buy you Trips,
It will buy you Toys,
Give out Broken Hearts,
Stealing all your Joy.

Tears don’t count as quarters.
Sorry’s don’t make change.
So when you want a refund,
Say the Master’s name…

$$$ MONEY $$$


©Author: Jules B.🥀 2017



I was touched by something,
I just don’t know what it was…
Like fog over a meadow
Like the need to chase a storm.

I saw forever frozen,
Captured tightly in a dream.
Desire slowly shattered
Broken pieces fell surrounding me.

The wind whispered,
“I know all your secrets
…shhh! Everybody talks.”
Gossip changes like the weather,
Fools break hearts
Love gets lost.

Tears felt like strangers
Falling down on my sheets.
I saw your soul,
Love expanded,
I lost my breath,
Pure fire overwhelmed me.

It almost broke me
The knowing,
… all the greatness we could be.
I was standing on a ledge
Screaming for Death to challenge me.

We were Everywhere and Nowhere
Embraced tightly in a Diem,
Demanding the whole World
Bow down, kiss the ring.

Blood, Tar and Feathers
… but you truly loved me.
And I knew right then,
Nothing mattered
…Only you
…Only me

When I ask the Raven,
“What do you see?”
I did not want the answer.
Enough sorrows tortured me.

I saw hopes and dreams
Swallowed up by desire,
Burned upon a glass sea
Now smokey shadows torment me.

In that moment…
I glanced over and through,
I imagined the end
All I saw was you.

This time the Raven ask me,
“What is it that you see?”
A kaleidoscope of memories
Tumbled over me.

All I could feel was forever,
Your hand in mine,
Time standing still,
Your eyes, my smile.

Right then I told the Moment,
“Stand still, Watch, You will see!”
This will be my ending,
…Only you.
…Only me.

©️Author: Jules B.🥀 1/2018

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