I waited for words that never arrived.

I tried.

I cried about it.

Only darkness came.


Never a happy thought.

No tulips bloomed here.

No gardens of song and dance.

No aether.


Angels wept by my side with broken wings.

Ivy tightened around the Iron.

I tore at my heart.

Blossoms crumbled out.


Like a cold fist.

My gut twisted in pain.

I only knew walls.

Concrete was solid.


The water flowed through icy and dry.

The wind washed away joy.

Dust layered my tongue.

Nothing was left.


My pen clawed paper.

Turpentine flowed out.

Like murky swamp water,

Breathing drowned me.


Following no rhythm, no path, no care,

The scraping sound was familiar.

Haunting melodies gave life to words,

That never arrived.


©Jules B.🥀 11/3/2017


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