Through sadness I see the timeline of my heart.
A constant aching need.
Searching for love my soul’s forgotten.
A Journey of Tears.
Trials of Pain.
Moments fade away,
Time passes…
My broken heart remains.

A reminder of pieces taken,
Nothingness filled the Void.
No rewind button.
Nowhere to go.
Only forward.
The movie’s been made,
Watching only reminds me how I’ve failed,
….and over again.

It never gets easier.
Looking back seems numb. … and farther away.
Time Capsules filled with Shattered Dreams.
A Landfill consumed with Empty Promises.
Warp Zones leading Nowhere.
Running on Bended Knees.
Breaking Hollow Bones.

©️Author: Jules B. 12/12/17🥀


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