Right then it shattered.

Like splintered glass

Veins cracked open.

Heartache leaked out.


Nothing is right,

In those moments of sadness.

Earthquakes are startling

All stability is questioned.


Running seemed like an option.

Pain stealing Time from Distress.

Seeing no way out,

Drowning entirely on air.


Gasping did not help

Tears would not stop the ache.

Torture became me,

Like a blushing bride, I wept.


For the sorrows,

Years of rips between us.

Piles of blanketed fears

Always sweeping under rugs.


Time is all you have, they say.

Always underestimating quicksand.

Treasure chest locked up tight.

Rapids of distress wrecking havoc.


A ship wrecked, plundered,

Splayed upon a casket shore.

It’s guts laid out for all to see,

Longing to be buried.


©Author: Jules B.🥀 2/2018


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