I saw the Sun

Hit the Moon.

Stars burst out,

Burned & Consumed.


Flames of Ice,

Frozen Fire bloomed.

From the wreckage..

Of the Sun & Moon.


Cold as Fire.

Hot as Ice.

Fall to Pieces.

Shatter & Slice.


Some say we die by Fire.

Some say we die by Ice.

I say we die by falling Stars,

                   ….when the Sun & Moon collide.


© Jules B. 10/17/17🥀


The South

Eyelet and Ivy
Razors and Knees
Bandaids and Honey
Ain’t that all we need?

Whiskey and Raindrops
Cherry Bombs and Knives
Lipstick and Chapstick
Both work just fine.

Bonfires and Tailgates
Burnt Glass and Bare Skin
Daisy Dukes and Cowgirls
Don’t we all just fit in?

Sweet Tea and Pound Cake
Barbed Wire and Broke Fist
Moonshine and Peaches
Taste like sugar on your lips.


©10/4/17 Jules B. 🥀


The Gravedigger came calling, he found me one night.
He said “Girl what are you doing, out at this time?”
“I am looking for my soul. I lost long ago. I thought I might find It… in the valley down below.”

~ It’s been blown far away, twisted and bent, thrown down a hole and lost to the wind.
~ It’s been traded for pennies, bought on a whim, carried on horseback and given as a gift.
~ It’s been thrown into prison, called a liar and a thief.
~ It’s been taken cross countries, it’s found no relief.
~ It’s been rejected, denied, betrayed and damaged.
…I’m afraid I don’t know, if much is left to carry.

The Gravedigger ask me, “Why do you want such a wretched soul? If you want I’ll take, don’t worry, I know just where it goes.”
I said, “Not tonight, no, I’m not ready to be buried. I think I’ll stay a little longer, mend some pieces, try and put things back together. See it may be ugly, bruised, worn down and damaged… But to me it’s the last thing I have to hold on to and cherish.”





I’m twisted.

I’m wasted.

I hate myself,

I taste it.


I’m tilted.

I’m faded.

My insides hurt,

I’m caving.


I wished it.

I made it.

It happened…

Like barbed-wire.

Like razors.


I cashed out.

I waited.

I was forgotten…

I became water.

I became tasteless.


Author: Jules B.🥀 Copyright 2017


Sadness is vast, lost,
empty space.
Hot coals burn your soul,
….ice washes it away.

It leaves you feeling lonely, confused,
dark in a cave.
Light is consumed,
….day after day.

Like drowning in a pool,
filled with ghost.
Like breathing in darkness,
that swallows you whole.

A patchwork quilt,
all sliced & diced.
That’s put back together,
but never fits right.

Lost moments,
deep in your mind.
Filling up space,
leaving you blind.

A hollow beast,
that will eat you alive.
Down in a grave,
buried alive.

Jules B.🥀


Time has caught up with me, laughing in my face. All the quotes of “never” and “always” paving my way to the future, have now elapsed into the past. The Truth has a way of lying to you. Only revealing pieces of itself, so you feel betrayed, in the end.
Time laughs, while it waits on Truth to slap you in the face. When it does, the day is late…and your chance has passed.

Pipe dreams and missed chances. That is all we have left in the end. Realizations of lost Time. Moments frozen in deceitful Truths. We all have these pauses in life… The time you realize, “You act just like your mom or dad”. Your face when you understand, “life is short” and “It goes by to fast”. The moment in your adult life when you comprehend what everyone meant, “Enjoy your youth”.
But it’s to late. It’s always to late, when the Truth is revealed.

Think how different we would be if understanding came instantly? All the choices we’ve made would expand into endless possibilities. Only if realization was granted in moments of Truth.
~Time would stand still.
~Souls would be set free.

Author; Jules B.🥀


That feeling…

Haunts us in our memories.

Chases us in our dreams.

It’s everywhere around us.

Like a loaded weapon,

….It fires.

We scream.


We fight, within the shadows.

We argue, long into the night.

Our thoughts are filled with terror.

….Intentions move,

They are alive.


We are chasing down a Monster.

Created out of greed.

Bred out of hatred.

Jealousy, its seed.


Bitterness, was how it ended.

Nothingness, was all we left.

Slowly turning into ashes,

Eating nothing but regret.


Like a beast, within a beast.

Death disguised as desire,

A whole lot of lies,

Wrapped up in barbed wire.


They set a trap with honey,

We walked right around.

But, They’ve come back now,

To claim their broken crown.


©Author; Jules B. 🥀


I want to feel my bones burn.
I want to cry out in blood.
I want my insides to burst.
I want to drown in mud.

I want the hurt to fade
….but it never will.
I want my soul to cry tears,
So my heart never will.

I want to

Myself forever,
In a casket or an urn.

If I close my eyes,
And it all goes away…
I will still watch,
My ashes burn one day.


Author: Jules B.🥀

The Goldfish

I was standing in the rain.

I saw Evil lurking there.

Standing in the shadows,




Funny was its keeper,

Ribbons in his hair.

Laughter its tricky medicine.




With an appetite for desire,

Decay was all he wreaked.

“Come to me all ye weary, helpless

…those in need.”


“I offer sweet candies,

…Oh I’m sorry, soured meat.”

“Those things will rot your teeth out!

…Be quite, while I sing.”


Twinkling Eyes and Fish scales,

Down by the dock,

…You best beware!


Golden Koi turn into Sharks Teeth,

Crunching bones


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