I hate this world.
I hate this place.
Everything is out of order,
It needs to be replaced.



All the goods been replaced.
All the bad’s overlooked.

Always: wrong, wrong, wrong.
Always: right, right, right.

The world will tear itself apart,
Fighting, for the right to die.

©️Author:Jules B. 12/22/17🥀




Walking through Wonderland
Alice tiptoed into Words.
They came falling down around her
Like forever,
Like she’d been here before.

Time was endless.
Time was short.
A world of contradictions
Lies wrapped in pearls.

They fit together perfectly;
Words filling empty holes.
Night slowly melted
Sweetly stealing her soul.


©️Author:Jules B. 12/20/17🥀



Through sadness I see the timeline of my heart.
A constant aching need.
Searching for love my soul’s forgotten.
A Journey of Tears.
Trials of Pain.
Moments fade away,
Time passes…
My broken heart remains.

A reminder of pieces taken,
Nothingness filled the Void.
No rewind button.
Nowhere to go.
Only forward.
The movie’s been made,
Watching only reminds me how I’ve failed,
….and over again.

It never gets easier.
Looking back seems numb. … and farther away.
Time Capsules filled with Shattered Dreams.
A Landfill consumed with Empty Promises.
Warp Zones leading Nowhere.
Running on Bended Knees.
Breaking Hollow Bones.

©️Author: Jules B. 12/12/17🥀


Shards of glass,
Burning my skin.
They won’t go away
Because I’m pushing them in.

Barbed wire…
Wrapped around my heart.
It keeps getting tighter
Because I’m pulling it hard.

Nails through my fingers.
Spikes pierce my feet.
Now all I need is a dagger,
To truly feel complete.

©10/27/17 Jules B.🥀


Nothing was there.

Like ghost whispers,

Like soft tangled hair,

Nightmares with no ending.

Tunnels with no light.

Chasing fog

….it runs away every time.


A train filled with memories,

Blowing steam inside your brain.

A car overheated,

Rotting in the rain.

It’s sounds you remember…

That evaporate in thin air.

A noiseless vacuum, that inhales everything  there.


It’s all your joys and pain,  bundled by the fire,

Slowly burning to death is a pyre of silence.


©️Author: Jules B. 11/18/17🥀



I waited for words that never arrived.

I tried.

I cried about it.

Only darkness came.


Never a happy thought.

No tulips bloomed here.

No gardens of song and dance.

No aether.


Angels wept by my side with broken wings.

Ivy tightened around the Iron.

I tore at my heart.

Blossoms crumbled out.


Like a cold fist.

My gut twisted in pain.

I only knew walls.

Concrete was solid.


The water flowed through icy and dry.

The wind washed away joy.

Dust layered my tongue.

Nothing was left.


My pen clawed paper.

Turpentine flowed out.

Like murky swamp water,

Breathing drowned me.


Following no rhythm, no path, no care,

The scraping sound was familiar.

Haunting melodies gave life to words,

That never arrived.


©Jules B.🥀 11/3/2017


I saw the Sun

Hit the Moon.

Stars burst out,

Burned & Consumed.


Flames of Ice,

Frozen Fire bloomed.

From the wreckage..

Of the Sun & Moon.


Cold as Fire.

Hot as Ice.

Fall to Pieces.

Shatter & Slice.


Some say we die by Fire.

Some say we die by Ice.

I say we die by falling Stars,

                   ….when the Sun & Moon collide.


© Jules B. 10/17/17🥀

The South

Eyelet and Ivy
Razors and Knees
Bandaids and Honey
Ain’t that all we need?

Whiskey and Raindrops
Cherry Bombs and Knives
Lipstick and Chapstick
Both work just fine.

Bonfires and Tailgates
Burnt Glass and Bare Skin
Daisy Dukes and Cowgirls
Don’t we all just fit in?

Sweet Tea and Pound Cake
Barbed Wire and Broke Fist
Moonshine and Peaches
Taste like sugar on your lips.


©10/4/17 Jules B. 🥀


The Gravedigger came calling, he found me one night.
He said “Girl what are you doing, out at this time?”
“I am looking for my soul. I lost long ago. I thought I might find It… in the valley down below.”

~ It’s been blown far away, twisted and bent, thrown down a hole and lost to the wind.
~ It’s been traded for pennies, bought on a whim, carried on horseback and given as a gift.
~ It’s been thrown into prison, called a liar and a thief.
~ It’s been taken cross countries, it’s found no relief.
~ It’s been rejected, denied, betrayed and damaged.
…I’m afraid I don’t know, if much is left to carry.

The Gravedigger ask me, “Why do you want such a wretched soul? If you want I’ll take, don’t worry, I know just where it goes.”
I said, “Not tonight, no, I’m not ready to be buried. I think I’ll stay a little longer, mend some pieces, try and put things back together. See it may be ugly, bruised, worn down and damaged… But to me it’s the last thing I have to hold on to and cherish.”

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